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Jonathan Erickson

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Your Turn: Share Your Two-Cents

April 23, 2010

Is scripting really evil? Erik Troan thinks it can be in his Other Voices: Why Scripting Is Evil commentary.

Not every reader agrees. It depends how you define a script:

If you define a script as unverifiable, non-invertible then a script will be those things; If a script is model-based, invertible ... it's no longer a script ? A very odd definition indeed.

iPad is all the rage Jonathan Braman shares his iPad dev experiences in Developing for the iPad. He isn't alone in his iPad interest. Here's another reader gearing up for iPad dev:

I am evaluating the option of starting to develop for iphone-ipad, so I liked reading your experiences

Survey raises more questions than it answers? Eric Bruno recently reported on some Java Survey Results, which led these questions from one reader:

  1. The 18% for "other" in the first graph (containers) is incredibly significant. What is this "other"?
  2. What's Javascript got to do with it? Shows a level of confusion which I haven't seen in any Java related stuff (I mean, why not C#?).
  3. The majority of people don't seem interested in cloud computing, at ~60% (60% won't deploy, same number won't test).
  4. Who puts together a question like "which frameworks and services?" which allows answers like "clustering" and "hibernate"? Someone is really nuts.
  5. Why don't I see any mobile and/or javafx questions?
  6. Why don't I see any "dynamic language" questions?

What's with Eclipse? Another reader wanted to know in regards to the same Java Survey Results:

Why would Oracle continue to push their obscure JDeveloper IDE? Just embrace Eclipse and move on!

Which prompted another reader to point out that:

Actually I think JDeveloper is based on Eclipse. They're one of the largest Eclipse partners also.

Meanwhile, over in the TIOBE programming language survey C's #1! C's #1! -- or is it? This reader notes that:

In 2009 Objective-C was in 42nd position, and now it's in 11th position. That tells you something!

Yes, it tells me that iPhone and iPad are making a move -- and that surveys can be a lot of fun.

Now it's time for you to chime in with your two-cents worth.

Can't decide where to start? Here are a couple of possibilities:

So what do you think?

Comment now! Comment often!

-- Jonathan Erickson
[email protected]

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