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Jacket Version 1.6 Released

In connection with the SC10 conference, AccelerEyes today released version 1.6 of the Jacket GPU programming platform for MATLAB. Jacket 1.6 delivers a new Statistics Library, featuring functions common to life science, defense, and financial computing applications.

New GPU-accelerated statistics functions available with Jacket 1.6 include:

  • Popular functions: PDF, CDF, TTEST, KMEANS
  • Covariance functions: CHOLCOV, CORRCOV
  • Binomial distribution functions: BINOFIT, BINOSTAT
  • Exponential distribution functions: EXPCDF, EXPFIT, EXPINV, EXPLIKE, EXPPDF, EXPRND, EXPSTAT
  • Gamma distribution functions: GAMSTAT
  • Geometric distribution functions: GEOCDF, GEOMEAN, GEOPDF, GEORND, GEOSTAT
  • Generalized extreme value distribution functions: GEVLIKE
  • Gaussian mixture distribution functions: GMDISTRIBUTION
  • Lognormal distribution functions: LOGNCDF, LOGNPDF, LOGNRND, LOGNSTAT
  • Multivariate normal distribution functions: MVNRND, MVREGRESSLIKE
  • Normal distribution functions: NORMFIT, NORMINV, NORMPDF, NORMRND, NORMSTAT
  • Poisson distribution functions: POISSFIT
  • Uniform distribution functions: UNIDRND, UNIFIT, UNIFRND, UNIFSTAT

AccelerEyes develops Jacket, a software platform that delivers GPU computing power to desktop users of MATLAB and other very high-level languages. The Jacket software platform provides accelerated performance for common arithmetic and linear algebra functionality.

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