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Mathematica Home Edition Now Available

Wolfram Research has released Mathematica Home Edition which delivers the functionality of the recently released Mathematica 7 but at a fraction of the cost.

The program is designed to support parallel computation, image processing, and rich data on astronomy, geography, life sciences, and the like. More than 4500 freely available examples of concepts in life sciences, physical sciences, engineering, creative arts, and many other areas have been published as part of the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. In addition, over 100,000 examples of Mathematica functions and capabilities are provided in the Wolfram Mathematica Documentation Center.

"Mathematica is the perfect tool for a broader group -- from amateur scientists, to parents interested in introducing their children to concepts in math, science, finance, and other areas, to anyone who wants to make fully interactive models and simulations, analyze real-time data on stocks, weather, or stars, transform and enhance images, or explore infinitely more activities," says Peter Overmann, Director of Software Technology at Wolfram Research.

Mathematica Home Edition is a 32-bit program available in the United States and Canada for Windows (2000/XP/Vista), Mac OS X (Intel), and Linux for a retail price of $295. Mathematica Home Edition is not licensed for commercial, nonprofit, academic, or government use. For more details, see www.wolfram.com/homeedition.

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