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Nimsoft Eyes Unified Monitoring for Vblock

Nimsoft's approach to monitoring solutions for virtualized data centers has been widened by a new Vblock private cloud infrastructure package. The company's unified monitoring architecture is intended to provide performance and availability monitoring for network, storage, compute and application layers across cloud platforms and SaaS resources.

By monitoring Vblock cloud environments as a whole -- rather than as individual components -- the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) is designed to help service providers and enterprises to discover and address the root causes of issues that can impact critical IT services.

Vblock Infrastructure Packages are integrated cloud solutions packages that come from the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition -- a collaboration of Cisco, EMC and VMware. Vblock is said to offer a low-risk route for service providers and enterprises to deploy clouds that leverage performance-optimized, certified solutions.

"The Vblock solution is generating significant and growing interest among both enterprises and hosted service providers, and with it comes an opportunity to rethink management along the same lines of convergence," said Jim Frey, research director, Enterprise Management Associates.

Frey suggests that by providing the first comprehensive monitoring capability for the Vblock Infrastructure Package, Nimsoft may help service providers extend value to enterprises looking to 'virtually' realize business agility with Vblock.

"For enterprises and service providers alike, the Vblock is a game-changing platform for rapidly deploying cloud infrastructures. The ability to provide a complete monitoring solution that provides a holistic view into the health and performance of a Vblock across all the various subsystems, alleviates some of the biggest management concerns that customers have," said Doug Toombs, senior analyst with Tier1 Research.

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