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December 24, 2014

Things That Go Boom

It is easier to make a safe light bulb than to make a safe explosive.

December 22, 2014

Abstractions For Binary Search, Part 10: Putting It All Together

After the discussions of the last few weeks, we are finally ready to build our test cases.

December 19, 2014

The Touch of a Button

Of course, I wasn't satisfied with the simple approach, so I added a bit of code to sense swipes much as you would find on a touchscreen phone.

Database Source Code


January 12, 2009

Published source code accompanying the article by Greg Williams in which he shows how you can take advantage of unstructured data in the database -- video, in this case -- and access this data from Oracle Forms. - Database

Associated article: Videos and Oracle Forms 10g

Tags: Database     Web Development     Tools     Parallel     JVM Languages    


November 06, 2008

Published source code accompanying the article by Dino Esposito in which he examines LINQ-to-SQL, an API for working with data in a SQL Server database, fully supports the LINQ syntax for running queries. - Database

Associated article: LINQ-to-SQL and T-SQL

Tags: Database     .NET     Design    


April 23, 2008

Published source code accompanying the article by Andrei Gorine and Alexander Krivolapov in which they explain what a kernel-mode database is and how it can be used for high-performance applications. - Database

Associated article: Kernel-Mode Databases

Tags: Database     Parallel     Embedded Systems     Design    


November 06, 2007

Published source code in the article by Sam Edwards and Paul Tremblett in which they examine Xquery, a query language that uses the structure of XML intelligently to express queries across the diverse kinds of data XML can be used to represent. Also see XQUERY.ZIP. - Database

Associated article: XQuery

Tags: Web Development     JVM Languages     Database    


November 06, 2007

Published source code accompanying the article by Michael Owens in which he discusss virtual tables, which are the foundation of some of SQLite's larger features, including full text search. Also see SQLLITE.ZIP. - Database

Associated article: Query Anything with SQLite

Tags: Database     Web Development     .NET     Tools     Open Source    


October 30, 2006

Published source code accompanying the article by Jim Kent in wihch he points out that integrating data from XML sources into relational databases can be straightforward when you have tools like autoXml, AutoDtd, sqlToXml, and xmlToSql that do the work for you. Also see XMLSQLC.ZIP. - Database

Associated article: XML, SQL, and C

Tags: Database     Web Development     C/C++         


August 02, 2006

Published source code accompanying the article by Eric Bergman-Terrell in which he uses Amazon.com's S3 web service and .NET 2.0's FtpWebRequest class to securely synchronize files on multiple machines. Also see S3NET20.ZIP. - Database

Associated article: Synchronize Now!

Tags: Database     Web Development     Mobile     Design    


June 30, 2006

Published source code accompanying the article by Joe Celko in which he discusses Cogito, a graph-based relationship analytics tool for pattern matching and relationship identification, making it an ideal tool for computer forensics. - Database

Associated article: Discovering Relationships in Context

Tags: Database     Design    


May 16, 2006

Published source code accompanying the article by Rick Grehan in which he examines the db4o, an open-source object database for Java and .NET which has built-in support for synchronization. Also see DB4O.ZIP. - Database

Associated article: Inside the db4o Database

Tags: Database     Open Source     Mobile     JVM Languages    


April 01, 2006

Published source code accompanying the article by Max Fomitchev in which he uses Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.2 to examine the problems you must overcome when consuming ATL/.NET Web services in Java clients that rely on Apache SOAP. Also see DOTNETWS.ZIP. - Database

Associated article: Consuming .NET Web Services in Oracle JDeveloper

Tags: Database     Web Development     .NET          JVM Languages     Design