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December 24, 2014

Things That Go Boom

It is easier to make a safe light bulb than to make a safe explosive.

December 22, 2014

Abstractions For Binary Search, Part 10: Putting It All Together

After the discussions of the last few weeks, we are finally ready to build our test cases.

December 19, 2014

The Touch of a Button

Of course, I wasn't satisfied with the simple approach, so I added a bit of code to sense swipes much as you would find on a touchscreen phone.

Tools Source Code


May 07, 2008

Unpublished source code accompanying the article by Jeff Keasler in which he examines "performance portability" and C++. Performance portablility means that code can achieve good performance across a range of computer architectures while maintaining a single body of source code. Requires UNZIP/PKUNZIP to extract. - Tools

Associated article: Performance Portable C++

Tags: .NET     C/C++     Tools     Open Source     Parallel     Embedded Systems     Design    


February 07, 2008

Published source code accompanying the article by Steven Haines in which he extends continuous integration to perform integration, performance, and load testing. - Tools

Associated article: Continuous Integration and Performance Testing

Tags: Tools     JVM Languages     Design    


February 06, 2008

Published source code accompanying the article by Nada daVeiga in which she examines behavioral regression testing -- a technique that provides a fast and easy way to determine if code modifications change or break existing functionality. - Tools

Associated article: Change Code Without Fear

Tags: Web Development     Tools     JVM Languages     Design    


January 10, 2008

Published source code accompanying the article by Dino Esposito in which he examines Visual Studio 2008, the first version of Visual Studio to support multiple version of .NET. - Tools

Associated article: Inside Visual Studio 2008

Tags: .NET     Tools     Design    


July 02, 2007

Published source code accompanying the article by Jordan Vinarub in which he uses the Model-View-Presenter pattern, Windows Forms 2.0, and automatic data binding, to build frameworks for unit testing the UI. Also see UI_TEST.ZIP. - Tools

Associated article: Unit Testing the UI

Tags: .NET     Tools     Design    


October 05, 2006

- Tools

Associated article: Distributed Unit Testing

Tags: Tools     JVM Languages     Design    


June 16, 2006

Published source code and related files accompanying the article by JunHo Yoon and YoonKyu Jang in which they show how coding standards helps you improve code readability, produce consistent code, and prevent error-prone coding styles. Robert Buckley adds a note on MISRA-C and coding standards. - Tools

Associated article: Code Quality Improvement

Tags: C/C++     Tools     Design    


April 11, 2006

Published source code accompanying the article by Stefan Woerthmueller in which he presents a post-mortem analysis approach that lets you identify and resolve hidden errors, but with little impact on the program. - Tools

Associated article: Postmortem Debugging

Tags: Tools     C/C++    


April 11, 2006

Published source code accompanying the article by Jeremy Weiskotten in which he examines dependency injection, a pattern for designing loosely coupled and testable objects. Also see DEPEND.ZIP. - Tools

Associated article: Dependency Injection & Testable Objects

Tags: Tools     JVM Languages    


April 11, 2006

Published source code accompanying the article by Ralf Holly in which he examines test bots--software that lets you move the effort of building and testing from your shoulders to that of software robots. - Tools

Associated article: I, Testbot

Tags: Web Development     Tools     Open Source     Embedded Systems