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JetBrains Sharpens YouTrack

Developer productivity tool company JetBrains has completed a new release of its YouTrack issue tracking and Agile project management system.

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The tool features a keyboard-oriented approach and is marked out for its search queries abilities, command syntax, and customizable workflows.

JetBrains' world mission to make issue tracking more accessible worldwide sees YouTrack 5.0 now localized into French, German, Russian, and Spanish, with additional languages scheduled for future releases.

"We're excited to introduce the most voted feature in YouTrack's history — localization. Finally you can track issues in your language," said Vadim Gurov, YouTrack team lead. "On the Agile side of things, we've used all the valuable feedback we received since Agile planning was implemented in YouTrack, and took it to the next level. With the latest enhancements, you can now create any kind of Agile board you may need."

Other key new features in YouTrack 5.0 include cross-project Agile boards, swimlanes based on attributes, visibility settings per Agile board, new backlog management, a restyled UI (new full issue screen, create/edit screen, and issues list), a sharp-looking "Darcula" TV scheme for Agile board, and auto-refreshing Similar Issues tab to avoid duplicates.

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