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Visual Logic Anti-Defect Design Tool

Grid-Tools has launched Agile Designer, a logic design tool that is specifically designed for testing and project teams to storyboard a requirements process flow chart.

The tools aims to remove the ambiguities that arise from written specification documents so that all IT project teams — both internal and outsourced — can quickly understand specifications from the outset.

Huw Price, MD of Grid-Tools, says, "So much time is lost, and unnecessary effort expended, in the software development lifecycle due to poorly written specifications. In fact, over half of all software defects (56%) can be traced back to the requirements being ambiguous or poorly defined."

Price says that Agile Designer prevents "scope creep" by reducing the number of software defects created and ultimately making testing much more quantifiable.

"Agile Designer is able to reduce the creation of defects by as much as 95%, shortening the length of test cycles and minimizing rework. By more accurately estimating the cost of new software development and changes to existing systems, organizations will have a systematic way of enforcing SLAs with their outsourcers. Agile Designer also helps customers to introduce agile processes into their software development lifecycle," he said.

The product itself is intended to give a visual picture of requirements enabling both programmer and tester to build and test in one go. Agile Designer is part of the Grid-Tools suite of Test Data Management solutions.

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