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AccuRev Updates SCCM Tools

AccuRev has announced release 4.7 of its process-centric software change and configuration management (SCCM) toolset, with new scalability and personalized process visualization capabilities. AccuRev provides SCCM tools for managing the software release process together with code assets using any preferred development process model (e.g., Scrum, Waterfall, Lean, XP, RUP, etc.).

AccuRev 4.7 lets development teams utilize multiple commodity hardware servers for any combination of local and remote teams to scale efficiently to thousands of users. This flexible model for partitioning and distributing software development teams, build servers, and continuous integration environments lets teams implement their optimal distributed development process on-the-fly without requiring time-consuming pre-planning, or requiring larger hardware as team size and/or software assets grow. AccuRev 4.7 supports the ability to efficiently manage hundreds of thousands of files in a single workspace, enabling growth as software development projects increase in scope

AccuRev 4.7 also introduces, what the company claims, a "breakthrough" in visual scalability and usability by letting development teams instantly filter very large, concurrent process structures that may contain thousands of unique projects, teams, and developers. Additionally, with a single click, managers can see all the development activity related to the work being done by their team, or under active development.

According to Michael Madden, vice president of engineering at Avid Technology, "We are using AccuRev to support Agile and non-Agile development processes, as well as streamline code sharing between different geographically distributed teams for hundreds of users. AccuRev 4.7 provides more flexibility and enables our teams to have higher performance than under our previous mastership-based SCCM solution."

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