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ALM 2.0 Equals Cross-Team Cross-Tool Data

CollabNet is releasing an update to its TeamForge ALM platform. TeamForge Orchestrate is a new add-on product to connect "disparate tools and activities" as well as produce cross-functional associations and visual traceability throughout the application lifecycle.

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This is version 7 of TeamForge, and the total product now includes adaptive planning boards for hybrid Agile-based project management and lifecycle dashboards for centralized visibility across projects and tools.

"With the advent of mobile and cloud, the days of the heavyweight and monolithic toolsets to build and deploy software are over, making room for a federated ALM platform that coalesces all of the assets, data, and activities that occur throughout software delivery," said Bill Portelli, cofounder and CEO for CollabNet.

Portelli argues that today's software delivery environments are increasingly fragmented due to the open nature of development and the proliferation of tools and processes.

New applications and delivery platforms, such as cloud, mobile, social, and big data "mandate new strategies for ALM" says the firm.

TeamForge Orchestrate collects and stores metadata related to key lifecycle activities and draws associations between disparate tools for the ultimate purpose of traceability. This centralized system of record connects previously unconnected ALM activities (syndicating human and machine-generated transactions to bridge IT silo) and provides context between tasks.

"The need to collaborate across tools and processes has never been stronger, and organizations realize this is a requirement if they want to scale Agile and bridge development and operations via DevOps," said Melinda Ballou, principal analyst at IDC. "Coordinating point tool choices and providing the centralized and social collaboration needed to manage change in a structured fashion are key elements for successful innovation and execution."

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