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Apigee Offers 10 Million Free Push Notifications

Apigee has added push notification capabilities to its API platform. The firm's backend-as-a-service (BaaS) capabilities can offer context-aware notifications to users.

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The free, self-service Apigee platform gives developers up to 10 million free push notifications per month. The firm says that this can support "even the largest" enterprise-scale campaigns with unlimited push messaging.

"The Apigee platform makes it easy to reach customers through APIs, apps, and data — and push notifications give developers a powerful tool to create even more meaningful engagements," said Ed Anuff, head of product strategy at Apigee. "Sharing information directly with a carefully targeted audience has proven to be the most effective way to connect with customers. With Apigee, developers can create context-sensitive push notifications that take advantage of data stored in Apigee. This integration enables highly focused, context-aware push campaigns — such as notifications sent only to users in a specific geographic location or to your 'most loyal' users."

The Apigee API platform's app services capability is intended to allow developers to build mobile apps with social graphs, geo-location, built-in activity streams, and so on. Push capabilities are integrated with user data stored in Apigee App Services for contextually relevant messaging based on factors such as location, time, or customers deemed "high value."

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