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Borland Releases 'TeamInspector'; Metric Gathering Tool

Borland Software has announced Borland TeamInspector, a "release readiness" system that gathers and reveals metrics -- code analysis, test coverage, standards compliance and build trends -- to give development managers factual evidence that the software they deliver is ready for customer use.

As part of the continuous build and integration process, TeamInspector's automated inspectors gather and aggregate key readiness metrics from an array of developer test utilities, static code analysis and build tools. It then presents them in a single, actionable dashboard that displays real time and trend information across projects.

TeamInspector includes:

  • Inspector Infrastructure. By providing a framework for the systematic inspection of code and related assets, TeamInspector allows customers to automatically monitor software quality early and often during the development process. TeamInspector's automated "inspectors" gather and reveal metrics about all code-related aspects of a release. Today, TeamInspector includes inspectors for Ant, NAnt, Checkstyle, Emma, JUnit and NUnit. Borland plans to continue to expand this inspector library.
  • Portfolio Dashboards. TeamInspector's cross-project dashboards aggregate metrics from the various tools to display key risk and "readiness" indicators such as test coverage, static code analysis, build trends and standards compliance trends. These actionable dashboards show the "big picture" -- not just for a single release, but across many projects -- allowing development managers to see relationships and dependencies between individual data so that they can identify project risks early and make fact-based, metric-driven decisions.
  • Build and Continuous Integration Environment. TeamInspector integrates with familiar Software Configuration and Change management (SCCM) tools, including Perforce, Subversion, and Borland StarTeam, and its inspectors automatically and seamlessly gather information from multiple sources when common events such as a code check in or builds occur.

"TeamInspector provides visibility into the quality of a software organization's output through metrics that tell the real story -- whether the code is solid, has been adequately tested, was built to standard, and is maintainable," said Borland's David Wilby. "TeamInspector brings a more systematic, fact-based approach to verifying that a software release is ready to deploy."

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