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Continuous Everything Makes A Good Coder

Optimyth Software's Kiuwan code measuring and analysis product now has a new Jenkins plug-in and has also been bolstered by the availability of a RESTful API.

"In a world where companies are embracing DevOps initiatives, we want to help them integrate the measurement and analysis of their application's code with their continuous integration and deployment processes with our new plug-in," said Jesus Martin, CEO of Optimtyh Software. "Nowadays, everything in software development has to be continuous: continuous builds, continuous integration, continuous deployment, you name it! Why not continuous code quality measurement?"

NOTE: Jenkins is the most widely used open-source continuous integration server in the IT industry — system integrators using Jenkins can drive the build and deployment of applications automatically assuring that all application modules and components are ready.

The Kiuwan plug-in allows system integrators to perform a code analysis as part of the process, and based on the results, they can decide whether or not to continue with the deployment process.

Results are automatically uploaded to Kiuwan so users can track the evolution of the relevant quality indicators, such as potential risks if they continue to develop with their current level of quality.

The Kiuwan Jenkins plug-in is open source under MIT license. Kiuwan users can now invoke the RESTful API to integrate the quality information of their application in their websites, their DevOps dashboards, or use them programmatically from other applications to make decisions based on their quality indicators.

"Interoperability is a key success factor for any cloud service. Kiuwan offers its RESTful API to anyone who wants to provide information about the quality of their applications. With our new RESTful API, they can easily pull that information directly from the source," Jesús Martín said.

NOTE: One of the key benefits of a RESTful API is that because it is completely independent of the programming language used, developers just have to issue an HTTP call to one of the endpoints provided by the API.

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