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Custom-Built Social "Newsletters" For Developer Projects

Atlassian is aiming to tune up its arsenal of content creation and collaboration offerings with new social user engagement and content discovery features. Confluence 4.2 now has options for programmers to post "Quick Comments" and "Likes" in the style of any number of social media services throughout a development project.

In what is arguably only a stone's throw from providing custom-created project newsletters, personalized weekly and daily summary emails are also available to recommend "popular content" among users.

Atlassian has also introduced visual Page Layouts for easier user content creation in Confluence, which is available as a cloud offering or behind the firewall.

"We created the new release of Confluence to provide the most intuitive content collaboration environment for product development teams," said Jean-Michel Lemieux, vice president of engineering at Atlassian. "We want to make sure that it's easy for users to stay-up-to date with everything that's happening, and help them identify what's most important. Confluence 4.2 leverages new social features to guarantee teams are always in-the-know and engaged."

Confluence 4.2 boasts options to label attachments, show appreciation for a coworker's content, or point other developers to popular content such as wiki pages, blog posts, etc. The company says that a selection of "rich page layouts" empower all users of all skill levels to contribute and create engaging content.

"Looking ahead, we're focused on continuing to make Confluence the one place where teams don't just talk about work, but they actually get work done," said Matt Hodges, Atlassian's product marketing manager for Confluence. "We're continuing to invest in rich content creation and now have a renewed focus on social sharing and content discovery, covering all facets of collaboration that lead to real results."

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