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GUIdancer 2.0

Bredex GmbH has released GUIdancer 2.0, an automated GUI test tool for testing Java (Swing, SWT/RCP) and web (HTML) applications. Test specification in GUIdancer is carried out by defining what component to test, with what action, and with which data. These specifications form reusable modules that can be combined to create complex, yet maintainable, tests. www.guidancer.com

JetGroovy Plugin 1.0

JetBrains has introduced JetGroovy Plugin 1.0 for Groovy and Grails developers, and Ruby Plugin 1.0 for Ruby development. JetGroovy provides Groovy cross-language support in the Java IDE with built-in debugger, syntax highlighting, auto-insertion of imports statements, refactorings, and more. The Ruby plugin provides JRuby support, code formatting, on-the-fly code inspections, Ruby and Rails live and file templates, automatic generators for Rails skeletons, actions, and Ruby access modifiers, and more. www.jetbrains.com

uCalc Fast Math Parser 2.95

uCalc has released uCalc Fast Math Parser 2.95, which lets Windows applications evaluate math expressions defined at runtime. This version supports .NET compilers more directly than previous versions, and C# and VB.NET demo programs are included. Non-.NET compilers such as VB classic, PowerBASIC, VC++, C++ Builder, and Delphi are also supported. www.ucalc.com


ITTIA is now offering ITTIA DB-SQL, a lightweight relational database management system for embedded systems and mobile devices. ITTIA DB-SQL includes a lightweight data server that is a drop-in replacement for the embeddable library, so any ITTIA DB application can be instantly upgraded to support shared access over a network. Row-level locking is handled automatically using isolation levels. www.ittia.com

EiffelStudio 6

Eiffel Software has released EiffelStudio 6.1, introducing features such as basic elements of the ISO-Standard attached type mechanism, nonconforming inheritance, True Execution Replay in debugger, and support for the MinGW C compiler on Windows 32-bit, among other features. www.eiffel.com

Distributed Refreshable Objects 3.1

Fusionsoft has introduced its Distributed Refreshable Objects 3.1, a Java library for interobject communication in local and distributed environments. All distributed objects in DRO 3.1 are cached on client side, so repeated use of object properties does not result in network exchange. However, when a server object is modified, all its cached client copies become updated; no stale data are possible. www.fusionsoft-online.com

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