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The Refactory has released its #Smalltalk compiler, which implements Smalltalk to run natively on the .NET Framework and lets you use classes from ordinary .NET programs. Many of the standard ANSI Smalltalk classes provided by #Smalltalk are just wrappers around standard .NET classes. For example, the OrderedCollection class is a wrapper around the ArrayList provided by .NET. www.refactory.com

IBM Rational

IBM has released IBM Rational Software Analyzer, a tool that scans software code for quality and defects before the application is built. Provided as a plug-in for Eclipse 3.3, Rational Software Analyzer finds software errors, flags them, and makes suggestions, reducing time spent reviewing software code prior to a software build. Rational Software Analyzer can automatically scan each line of code up to 700 times, "grammar checking" the code before it goes into production. www-306.ibm.com/software/awdtools/swanalyzer/


LogicNP Software has released FileView ActiveX Control 2008, a UI component that provides a drop-in Windows Explorer-like file and folder browsing. It offers complete support for Thumbnail, Details and GroupView, AutoUpdate, dragdrop, icons, context menus, nonfilesystem items, default key handling, info tips and renaming. FileView ActiveX Control 2008 features behavior control and customization functionality that includes features like filtering, checkboxes, custom items, custom columns and dragdrop control and customization of default context menus, display names, icons, and info tips. www.ssware.com/fileview/fileview.htm


Amazon Web Services has released Query Sort for Amazon SimpleDB. Query Sort which lets you sort a query result set on a single attribute, in ascending or descending order. This feature extends SimpleDB's existing Query functionality and provides even more flexibility for developers. developer.amazonwebservices.com


Zoom from RotateRight is a low-overhead graphical and command-line profiler for Linux. Profiles are system-wide, down to the instruction level, and backtraces are captured, letting you see exactly what was running, where time was spent, and how that code was called. Zoom analyzes and annotates code with specific tuning advice for many compilers and processors. Profiles are saved as a session file that can be e-mailed or attached to bug reports. Zoom also supports remote network profiling and scripting. www.rotateright.com


Flexcover is a code coverage tool that provides instrumentation, data collection, and reporting tools for Adobe Flex and AIR applications. It includes a modified AS3 compiler, which inserts function calls in SWF/SWC output files. At runtime, these function calls send information on the application's code coverage to a separate tool. The modified AS3 compiler also emits separate "coverage metadata" files that describe packages, classes, functions, code blocks, and lines in the code, along with the names of associated source code files. Flexcover supports both line coverage and branch coverage. code.google.com/p/flexcover/

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