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The Django Foundation has released Django 1.0, an open-source Python-based web framework that encourages rapid development, clean, pragmatic design, and reusability and "pluggability" of components. Django's primary goal is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites. The core Django framework consists of an object-relational mapper that mediates between data models (defined as Python classes) and a relational database; a regular-expression-based URL dispatcher; a view system for processing requests; and a templating system. www.djangoproject.com


Sony Ericsson's Project Capuchin is an API that combines Flash Lite and Java ME technologies, letting you utilize the best attributes of both software stacks to create applications for Sony Ericsson mobile phones. The tool makes it possible to package existing Flash Lite content in a MIDlet jar file. www.sonyericsson.com/developer


Altova has made available its XMLSpy 2008 Standard Edition, an entry-level XML editor that lets you view and validate XML, DTD, XML Schema, XSLT, XQuery, and other files, as well as perform basic editing tasks. An Advanced Text View supports pretty printing, syntax coloring, line numbering, source folding, code completion, and more, to help users navigate and edit XML files. When you need to start a project from scratch, XMLSpy Standard Edition generates a sample XML instance document from a DTD or XML Schema. www.altova.com


Intel has announced its Intel Parallel Studio, a suite of four tools to help you write parallel programs for multicore and manycore platforms. The suite targets C/C++ programmers. The toolset consists of four components: Parallel Advisor, to provide insight into where applications will benefit the most from parallelization; Parallel Composer, which includes a compiler, threaded libraries, and facilities that enable Microsoft Visual Studio developers to add parallelism to applications; Parallel Inspector, a proactive "bug finder" to ensure reliability; and Parallel Amplifier, for optimizing performance on all processor cores. www.intel.com/go/parallel


TotalView Technologies has launched ReplayEngine, a tool lets you record and replay programs during execution. ReplayEngine reduces time-to-market while increasing developer efficiency and productivity. ReplayEngine extends the capabilities of TotalView's source-code analysis and memory-error detection tool by making available several new stepping operations, including line-by-line reverse execution, and a "run back to" command that reverse-jumps longer distances within the code. With ReplayEngine, you can couple reverse-step and forward-step commands to compare any set of points along the captured execution sequence. Fault identification is much easier and faster. You replay thread context switches exactly as they happened, and debug parallel applications using the MPICH 2.0 Message Passing Interface (MPI) library on an x86 32-bit Linux platform. www.totalviewtech.com


Seapine Software has released TestTrack Studio 2008.2 for software test planning and issue tracking. Among other features, the new version of TestTrack Studio includes 64-bit TestTrack Server on Windows for access to more RAM on the server. New department and division fields let administrators group users to match their organization's hierarchy. For organizations with a large number of employees, every user field now has a find button so that users can quickly locate the exact person they are looking for. Organizations can also filter user fields by the user's security group, company, division, or department, again improving the search performance. www.seapine.com

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