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Embarcadero Rolls Out RAD Studio 2010

Embarcadero Technologies has announced RAD Studio 2010 which, among other features, makes it possible for developers to build touch-based GUI, tablet, touchpad, and kiosk applications with a flexible touch-enabled framework. New features include the ability to:

  • Create gesture- and touch-enabled applications
  • Get a quick start with more than 30 included gestures like left, right, up, down, scratch-out, and interactive multi-touch gestures like pan, zoom and rotate
  • Use the VCL Gesture Designer to visually add custom gestures at the component level
  • Use the virtual touch, multi-locale and multi-language keyboard for on-screen input
  • Upgrade existing Delphi and C++Builder applications to add support for touch and gesture input with little or no additional coding

The touch development support in RAD Studio 2010 is unique in that it seamlessly supports multiple versions of Windows including Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7; and works with a variety of inputs including single and multi-touch screens, pen and mouse.

"Touch is now a reality and can deliver far more interactive user experiences. From kiosks and Point of Sale to the iPhone and Windows 7, enabling gestures into every application is becoming a key competitive advantage as consumers and businesses recognize the benefits of natural input," said Embarcadaro's Michael Swindell. "With the upcoming launch of Delphi and C++Builder 2010, Embarcadero is providing a simple method for enabling touch and gestures in any application that can run on multiple Windows OSes. We are continuing to make Delphi the leading language and platform for interactive user focused applications."

Other RAD Studio 2010 highlights include:

  • Firebird support. Delphi now has native support for what Embaracaro claims is the most deployed open source database in the world.
  • New DataSnap. The DataSnap server now extends to nearly any architecture -- RIA, JEE, RESTful Web services, AIR, etc.
  • Windows 7 ready. RAD Studio is expected to support the Windows 7 API for native applications, allowing developers to leverage its Natural Input libraries and Direct2D graphics
  • More than 120 IDE enhancements to improve developer experience and productivity including IDE Insight, which allows even novices to more easily find files, components, features and settings using keystrokes and search terms, as well as a new code formatter for Delphi and C++.

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