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German Precision-Engineered Reporting Tool

A lower case company nametag is no indication of diminutive stature when it comes to German reporting tool specialist combit. The Dr Dobb's Jolt Award finalist has been recognized for the efficacy and worth of its List & Label reporting tool, which now hits its Version 20 release.

In addition to more data providers and high-performance filter functions at database level, improvements in the current release also include an HTML5 viewer which (among other things) enables interactive reports, drill-down, and report parameters, also on mobile devices.

Other features include the export of data to Microsoft PowerPoint format, and the Designer has received a whole slew of user-friendly add-ons.

Barcode generation has also undergone optimization. In accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 15416, the barcodes generated with List & Label are now, as a rule, awarded the best possible grade, "A" This eliminates errors in the reading of barcodes, especially with production and logistics software.

"List & Label 20 will impress both software developers and end users," enthuses Jochen Bartlau, managing director and head of development List & Label. "Our report generator is a specialist when it comes to outputting data, export formats, and reports of all types. We take great care to ensure that the tool is able to interface with all relevant data sources and that the latest technologies are supported. This results in a one-of-a-kind tool that is second to none."


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