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InterSystems Intro 'DeepSee' Real-Time BI

InterSystems has released its DeepSee -- software that makes it possible to add embedded real-time business intelligence (BI) in transactional systems, thereby enabling better operational decisions.

The focus of embedded real-time BI is delivery of business intelligence capabilities directly within transactional applications. In this way, users can access current operational data in context and use BI to make immediate changes in workflows, adjust business rules, or take other actions to optimize organizational performance.

"There are some situations, such as long-range planning by staff analysts, where historical data can be satisfactory," says InterSystems' Paul Grabscheid. "However, running a business effectively in today's competitive landscape requires access to fresh operational data in daily decision-making processes."

DeepSee, which runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, UNIX, and OpenVMS platforms, includes four components:

  • Architect. Data models are defined based on current transactional data; no data warehouse is required. Bitmap indices are created to enable optimal application performance.
  • Analyzer. Using data models defined by the Architect, pivot tables, and graphs are rapidly created using point-and-click/drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Designer. Based on output from the Analyzer, dashboards that can include interactive controls such as combo-boxes, lists, radio buttons, and links are built as Web pages that can be embedded in the application.
  • Connector. An open design enables extracting data from external sources other than InterSystems database technology for data modeling.

DeepSee's design gives developers the BI capabilities needed to extend and modernize existing applications as well as create new applications that are BI-enabled from the start. And, for large user organizations in healthcare, commercial and government sectors, DeepSee makes it possible to provide end users with the information they need to make timely, critical decisions on the business frontline.

"From our perspective, DeepSee's ability to provide real-time access to live data will add value to healthcare applications," said Mike Snow, CTO at Sunquest Information Systems. An InterSystems application partner, Sunquest offers a comprehensive suite of healthcare information solutions that include laboratory and radiology systems. "Many of the end users in our customer base were able to get an early look at DeepSee at our recent user conference," Snow said. "We received very positive customer feedback and we are exploring the possibilities of leveraging DeepSee to deliver operational BI on a real-time basis."

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