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JavaOne Round-up: Round 1

Eric Bruno is a Dr. Dobb's contributing editor. He can be contacted at www.ericbruno.com

Oracle's JavaOne Conference (jeez, it still doesn't roll off the tongue quite yet) is a busy place this year. To make it easier for you, we're consolidating Eric Bruno's blog reports here.

JavaFX 2.0

What do you call JavaFX without the scripting language and without JavaFX Mobile. Apparently Oracle calls it version 2.0?

Mark Reinhold Announces Java SE 7 Plan

Mark Reinhold proposed breaking JDK7 into two releases: JDK7-lite, and JDK8 to follow closely behind. This was described as "Plan B", with "Plan A" being Java SE 7 released with all of the features planned for JDK7. Mark later announced that Oracle will go with Plan B.

Java FX 2.0 Details

Oracle has just posted the roadmap for JavaFX 2.0. Also, you can hear the plans first-hand via the JavaOne "Future of Java" keynote taking place on the web.

JavaFX, Open Source, and Other Announcements

Thomas Kurian of Oracle announced that all of the JavaFX UI controls will be released to open-source when JavaFX 2.0 is release. Additionally, NetBeans will continue to be the premier Java IDE, with two releases already planned for 2011. And more.

JavaOne Slides: JavaFX Your Way

Here, you can find the slides from Jonathan Giles' and Stephen Chin's JavaOne presentation, "JavaFX Your Way," where they discuss the proposed changes to JavaFX. You'll see early examples of JavaFX programming with Java, Scala, Groovy, and JRuby.

More Info on JDK7

Leading up to JavaOne10, Mark Reinhold has written a recent blog that further solidifies what Java SE 7 will look like.

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