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JetBrains PhpStorm 5.0 Aligns To Symfony2 and Yii

JetBrains has released its PhpStorm 5.0 PHP IDE with a focus on new features for Symfony2 and Yii projects.

In addition to the previously supported Zend framework and the Drupal free and open-source content management system, the version 5.0 iteration will feature a "more sophisticated" type inference engine for PHP variables and class fields as well as a new MVC view for Symfony2 and Yii projects.

Also included with this release is a "Live Edit" mode for PHP/HTML/CSS/JS code with instant page preview in the browser.

There are reported to be "many additions" in SQL/Databases support, including live database schema refactoring, stored procedures editing, schema migration scripts generation, and improved SQL completion.

"This release brings a data-flow-based type analysis engine which significantly improves the precision of the code analyser, with no additional code annotations needed. We also believe that the new Live Edit mode will be a lot of help for web developers looking to boost their coding productivity," said Alexey Gopachenko, PhpStorm project lead.

Gopachenko has also pointed to improvements for editing JavaScript and CSS/Sass/LESS and built-in PSR1/PSR2, Symfony2, and Drupal-compliant code formatting.

PHP 5.4 is now fully supported, including traits and all the new syntax improvements: class member access on instantiation, short array syntax, array dereferencing on function call, binary literals, expressions in static calls, etc.

In related news, the firm has also released WebStorm 5.0 as an update to its JavaScript IDE. WebStorm 5.0 will feature live HTML/CSS/JS editing preview for Google Chrome, Google Closure Compiler JSDoc annotations support, initial Jade templates support, JSTestDriver tests debugging, project-level JS libraries, and improvements for Sass/SCSS: better code completion, navigation, code formatting, and support for advanced constructs.

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