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JetBrains Releases Ruby IDE

JetBrains has announced the availability of RubyMine 1.0, an IDE for Ruby and Rails development.

RubyMine performs a comprehensive analysis of project code and offers developers best-in-class code insight and code completion suggestions. Based on its knowledge of the internals of the Rails framework, RubyMine provides a range of effective Rails-aware refactorings, which greatly simplifies making changes to the code.

RubyMine 1.0 key features include:

  • Support for Ruby on Rails development, including Rails-aware code completion, inspections and refactorings, specialized project views and quick navigation.
  • Version Control Systems integration with unified UI and features such as change lists and shelved changes for all supported systems. Integration with Subversion, Git, Perforce, and CVS is available out of the box.
  • Graphical Ruby and Rails Debugger with breakpoints in Ruby code and even in Rails RHTML view files.
  • RSpec and Test::Unit testing frameworks support with GUI-based test runner.
  • Open API for creating plugins in Ruby or Java plus a number of already available IDE plugins.

A single-developer Commercial License is priced at $99 (US). The license includes free RubyMine updates for one year after the purchase date, covering even major new releases.

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