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Jolt Awards: It's App Libraries and Framework's Turn

Round 2 of the Jolt Awards is underway, and our corp of elite judges are raring to start judging App Libraries and Frameworks.

Here are just a few of the toolkits that have already been nominated:

  • NetCharts Pro v 7.0
  • Intel's Threading Building Blocks
  • Apache Click
  • CodeBox
  • JFXtras Framework
  • Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET 2010 Volume 2
  • Play Framework
  • Telerik RadControls
  • SoftwareFX ChartFX
  • /n Software IP*Works
  • Amyuni PDF Converter
  • Syncfusion's Essential Studio Enterprise Edition
  • Aspose.Total for Java
  • ExtenXLS 8 Java Spreadsheet SDK
  • Mirabyte Touch Controls Suite 2.0 for Windows Mobile
  • Resco MobileForms Toolkit Volume 2

As you can see, App Libraries and Frameworks you nominate can be commercially available or freely available, open source or proprietary. You make the call.

If you have a tool that helps you make better software faster, send in your nomination to [email protected] now! The Jolt Awards judges appreciate and rely upon your expertise and input.

For more information on the nominating process, see Jolt Awards: The Nomination Process.

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