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Let The Non-Techies Do The Monetization

Apigee has launched a new software application monetization service for developers who, with the help of non-technical users, can maximize the business value and growth of their API-based digital initiatives.

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So then, Apigee Monetization Services is designed to empower non-technical business users to manage the complete end-to-end process of monetizing digital assets — including creating rate plans, managing limits and notifications, configuring reports, and billing documents to maximize API program value.

The firm positions this monetization service as an enterprise-grade API function to support a wide range of business models designed specifically for dynamic digital initiatives built on apps, data, and APIs.

"The API and developer programs at the heart of mobile strategies are increasingly business critical and provide opportunities to create new revenue streams. Existing financial management solutions are simply not designed to take advantage of new transactional opportunities enabled by apps and APIs," said Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO.

"Apigee Monetization Services is not just about pricing digital assets, but also understanding what to price, monitoring plan performance, and easily adapting to meet optimal monetization terms. It's the only fully integrated solution for managing the entire monetization process, from purchase to payment."

This product offers flexibility to create customized plans or use the "out-of-the-box" plans that cover all revenue models, including fixed and variable fees, revenue sharing, and even "freemium" plans.

Apigee Monetization Services can also be integrated with any existing accounting, ERP, sales, or other backend system to provide coordination with established business processes. The performance of developers, packages, and plans are monitored in Apigee, enabling API providers to react and adjust plans in real time.

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