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One UI Toolset To Rule Them All?

Presentation layer specialist Infragistics has brought out three distinct user interface (UI) toolsets in a single new package, with the aim of creating a developer workbox that extends (as you might expect) across multiple platforms and devices.

MobileAdvantage is comprised of Infragistics' HTML5/jQuery, Windows Phone, and NetAdvantage for iOS (beta) toolsets. The product aims to work by providing UI controls as well as "grids and charts" to address the needs of a variety of business scenarios.

Infragistics' affable CEO Dean Guida reminds us that we are in a world where consumers and professionals are using a multitude of devices across several platforms, but expect the same experiences as they move from device to device.

"This creates a challenge for developers who want to build the best applications possible, but find that (due to lack of choice or cost) they may need to compromise on their development platform. With MobileAdvantage, developers can maintain a competitive edge by extending an application's reach and deliver delightful cross-platform customer experiences."

Editorial Comment: While you might imagine UI technology to be among the most often discussed and debated (and perhaps therefore analyzed) topics, industry opinion on this corner of our technology ecosphere is comparatively thin on the ground. Gartner's Market Insight: Top Considerations for Designing a Winning User Interface, Worldwide, 2012 lists the following chapter headings on its pre-purchase report download page, which may provide some insight into what should be important in this area — as follows:

  • Profile Core Users and Identify User Needs for Products
  • Determine Consumer Requirements for Improving User Experience
  • Hold the Product Team Accountable for Following a User-Centric Design Process
  • Include Emerging Consumer Expectations in Product Design
  • Compare Design Alternatives According to UI Design Principles

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