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Presto 3.0 Platform for Enterprise App Stores

JackBe, a provider of enterprise mashup software, has announced version 3.0 of its enterprise mashup platform, Presto. The new release provides a platform for creating internal enterprise app stores, as well as a robust visual toolset for creating secure enterprise apps.

Presto 3.0 includes enhancement to Wires, the popular visual mashup-making tool, Mashboard, a new app assembly and wiring tool, and Mashup Sites for SharePoint, an advanced SharePoint add-on that mashes SharePoint Lists and publishes apps as SharePoint WebParts.

“Enterprise App Stores are the next frontier of business user productivity and self-service empowerment. Making it simple and safe for users to create and share business apps is what every organization wants,” said John Crupi, CTO at JackBe and coauthor of Core J2EE Patterns. “Presto 3.0 puts powerful app-building tools in the hands of tech-savvy business users and ultimately gives them tremendous freedom to find and share enterprise information safely whenever, wherever and with whomever they work.”

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