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Progress OpenEdge Release Ups Developer Speed Fivefold

Progress Software has announced the newest version of its OpenEdge core application development platform. A component of its Pacific PaaS offering, OpenEdge 11.3 is a combination of business process management (BPM) and business rules management system (BRMS) functionality.

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The firm says that bringing its BPM technology in line with the Progress Corticon BRMS will automate decision processes to reduce application development change cycles by claims of a massive 90%. It enables greater business agility by allowing rapid tailoring of applications with configurable and flexible processes, rules, and workflows.

Key benefits include the ability to explicitly and graphically model workflow/business processes without complex coding, the ability to implement systems faster and cheaper by quickly innovating and responding to change, plus the improved visibility into business operations to make better decisions.

Managing director of Akioma Software went on the record to confirm that OpenEdge 11.3 has allowed its developers to be five times more productive than with other platforms. "Having just one set of source code makes life easier for us — the solution further accelerates the go-to-market cycle by speeding up the implementation of rules and adding flexibility to the customization process," he said.

Progress senior VP Karen Tegan Padir says that traditional hard-coded applications cannot easily support the culture of fast paced market changes. "Our goal is to give businesses of all sizes more agility through seamless integration of process and data. The combination of a world-class application development platform with market-leading BPM & BRMS solutions is a powerful solution that empowers OpenEdge partners to build business applications that improve productivity and responsiveness to customers."

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