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Selenium Inspector Released; Supports Selenium Automated Testing

TeamDev has released Selenium Inspector, an open-source library that runs on top of the Selenium, a tool designed to simplify automated testing of Web components, pages and applications -- especially those written using JSF.

The Selenium Inspector API lets you create testing solutions for variety of HTML rendering frameworks like JSF component libraries, Spring MVC, Struts, etc. Web developers can create object-oriented testing APIs for any Web UI library. The Java API for inspecting OpenFaces components is already included.

According to TeamDev, features of Selenium Inspector include:

  • Ability to check actual view of an element style instead of what is declared in CSS but may not be actually applied.
  • Specialized higher-level Java API which simplifies inspection not just on primitive elements, but on compound HTML tags, such as table,ul, etc.
  • A wide set of assertion methods for checking actual values of attributes and styles of HTML elements as well as evaluating actual results of client side expressions.
  • Selenium Inspector is easy to customize and extend.

Selenium Inspector provides an API similar to that of Selenium, but is simpler to use in many cases and provides a bit higher level of abstraction. It doesn't replace Selenium, but provides an additional API that you can use if you find it more appropriate for your actual needs. You can use both Selenium and Selenium Inspector APIs at the same time. Selenium's API is concentrated in the com.thoughtworks.selenium.Selenium class, which provides a list of methods for sending commands to a browser (and receiving a result if needed), and the entire variety of commands is combined in a single list regardless of their very different purposes and applicability. Selenium Inspector provides a higher-level API with object-oriented design that is centered around inspection of a single element, and provides different APIs depending on type of element.

You can download Selenium Inspector here.

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