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Shippable "Ships" Docker-ized Applications

Claiming the prize for "most nautically themed announcement ever", Shippable is shipping the "docker-izing" Shippable version 2.0 this month. The software offers software developers a chance to docker-ize their workflows and automate application lifecycles.

By the use of the term docker-izing, Shippable is talking about containerized workflows engineered to use Docker containers. The software has containerized dev/test environments that are "exact replicas" of the production environment, a continuous delivery pipeline for application containers, and versioning of application containers with a one-click upgrade (or rollback) to any version.

"Container-based development is becoming essential for DevOps teams because it enables application development to move more quickly and efficiently," argues Al Hilwa, program director, application development software, IDC. "Enterprises adopting Agile practices and seeking options for continuous development and delivery will find that workflow containerization solutions like Shippable will ultimately lead to better software quality."

Shippable's containerized, instant dev/test labs claim to help reduce an organization's cloud footprint by more than 50 percent.

With Shippable, each developer's code change is tested on a personal, dedicated environment that spins up and replicates production topology. This approach helps detect errors and reduces reliance on weekly "test passes" to find more tricky topology related issues. The company says that developers will avoid the frustration and extra time spent fixing "works on my machine" bugs.

Avi Cavale, cofounder and CEO of Shippable, says that Shippable's continuous delivery pipeline includes continuous integration and deployment of containerized applications. This pipeline is fully integrated with Docker Hub for container management and with Chef and Puppet for teams wishing to deploy to hypervisors in production. Shippable is also partnering with Google to support deployment of docker-ized applications to any cloud supported by Google's open source project — Kubernetes.

"Docker is disrupting the virtualization space and enterprises are fast recognizing the value of containerizing their workflows. We believe that the first wave of adoption will be in dev and test workflows, and Shippable is focused on helping enterprises make that transformation," said Cavale. "However, customers can use Shippable even if they have no plans to adopt containers into their workflow since Shippable is fully compatible with hypervisors and still delivers its continuous delivery platform to enable agile software development."

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