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SolutionsIQ Announces Agile Distributed Team Service

SolutionsIQ, a provider of Agile coaching, consulting, training, and distributed Agile software development, has announced its new Agile Distributed Team Service (ADTS), a blend of Lean, Scrum, and Extreme Programming (XP) practices. The offering addresses the need of enterprise organizations who must rapidly deliver high-quality software. It leverages the benefits of distributed teams through the use of real-time collaboration and high-bandwidth communication.

"Software development teams and programs are becoming more removed from one another, whether it’s on different floors of the same building, different buildings in the same city, or different time zones across the globe," says SolutionsIQ's Julia Francis. "Our new Agile distributed team service offering enhances our customers’ ability to meet market demands while achieving a measurable return on investment."

SolutionsIQ claims that its iterative approach to software development enables organizations to begin delivering production-ready software in a matter of a few short weeks. ADTS incorporates knowledge gleaned from successfully applying Agile development practices to meet a wide variety of needs across many industries.

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