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Tasktop, ThoughtWorks Studio Team Up on Connector

Tasktop Technologies and ThoughtWorks Studios have announced availability of the ThoughtWorks Studios Mingle Mylyn Connector. The connector integrates development activities performed in the Eclipse IDE with project management in Mingle 3.0.

"To gain the greatest value from Agile project management tools organizations must accurately track development activity and progress as close to real-time as possible," says Tasktop's Mik Kersten, creator of the open source Eclipse Mylyn project. "The Tasktop integration with Mingle makes it effortless for developers to collaborate, update project status, and automatically track time within the Eclipse IDE, bridging the gap between the development and project management layers of the Agile ALM stack."

The Mingle Mylyn Connector lets Mingle development teams take advantage of Mylyn's task-focused productivity technology that shows only the most relevant source code for a given task. This technology helps reduce information overload for large-scale development projects and lets developers multitask and recover from interruptions with a single click. With the connector, ThoughtWorks Studios' customers will further improve their productivity by eliminating the need to toggle between their browser, email and IDE to gather information necessary to complete application development tasks. Tasktop and ThoughtWorks Studios are planning to release Mylyn connectors for Twist and Cruise during Q1 of 2010.

Mingle is the project management component of ThoughtWorks Studios' Adaptive ALM, a development solution that includes Twist (test automation) and Cruise (release management). Major features available in Mingle 3.0 include a communications platform called Murmurs which captures conversations that would otherwise have been lost through unstructured communications -- such as IM chats, emails, etc. -- and instantly associates team conversations with Mingle project artifacts. Mingle 3.0 also includes new program-level management features that provide cross-project visibility, traceability and extended reporting capabilities. In addition, it provides enhanced reporting capabilities, support for software configuration management (SCM) through Subversion 1.6.5 and API updates that provide better access to information within Mingle for integration with external applications or systems.

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