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Telerik Releases Automated Testing Tool Beta

Telerik has released beta versions of its WebUI Test Studio, an automated testing solutionv developed in partnership with ArtOfTest, a software quality assurance company. WebUI Test is a tool specialized for automated testing of rich web applications, especially AJAX-based.

Telerik WebUI Test Studio consists of three main parts:

  • WebAii Automation Framework. A .NET library for web automation that supports both Firefox and Internet Explorer using one consistent API. WebAii abstracts out browser specifics and uses rich routines to help you locate elements. WebAii comes with an HtmlControls suite. WebAii is built from the ground up to support Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Ajax applications.
  • Automation Design Canvas. An enterprise ready plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio (Team Suite and Professional) that enables both scriptless and scripted automation recording. It is the Web 2.0 automation recording solution for rich web applications. You can build automation using the recorder. The recorder includes an Automation Overlay Surface and a Sentence Based verification editor. The recorder is built on top of the rich WebAii Automation Framework and allows you to extend your scripts using it.
  • RadControls Translators. An extension of Design Canvas which allows you to automate all your testing =for RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. Telerik has exposed a rich set of verification tasks that will enable you to test the rich web applications built with RadControls. Testing scenarios takes just minutes of recording and playback in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

You can download the beta here.

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