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Winners of the 18th Jolt Product Excellence Awards & Recipients of the Jolt Productivity Awards

JOLT Winner

O'Reilly Radar (O'Reilly Media)

(from left to right) Kathryn Barrett, Andy Oram, and Marsee Henon

Reviewed by Steven Weiss
If you've never heard of "alpha" geeks, the people who are creating our technical future, do I have a deal for you. Read about them, the future they portend and the new and interesting things in the world of technology at O'Reilly's Radar. Radar is a compelling web site that reports on how the alphas are pushing the envelope. Its industry watchers look at what's going to be important and why. Radar's main subject areas are Open Source, Geo, Web 2.0, Emerging Tech, Publishing, Operations, Videos, and Events. In some ways O'Reilly is the corporate version of an alpha geek. It's been at the leading edge of early web commercialization, blogging and Web 2.0 to name just a few. The ultimate compliment to a web site is bookmarking it, and I did just that. Check it out.

CM Crossroads (CMC Media)
Reviewed by Scott Ambler
With the plethora of informational sites available to you, why should a site focused on configuration management be near the top of your list? Because of the quality of the writing. Because of the people doing the writing. Because of the forums where like-minded people are actually learning together. Because configuration management is a foundational skill that we all need. But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Pun intended.

Safari Books Online (Safari Books Online)
Reviewed by Robert DelRossi
You may not enjoy reading books online all the time, but in certain instances - like when you want to search across your library--it can be a tremendous time saver. Safari Books Online from O'Reilly provides easy access to many technology books from a variety of publishers with new releases added every week. There are several pricing plans, including an annual fee that lets you read as much as you like. It's not just books, however; Safari has online video tutorials, too, and early access to books in development. And when you're done with technical books, there's a big collection of business books to dig into as well.

www.codeproject.com (The Code Project)
Reviewed by Jon Kurz
As a web site focused on Microsoft technologies, CodeProject.com brings out the best in the development community. With nearly 5 million members, CodeProject.com has become a magnet site for both information seekers and providers. The site provides a wide range of articles covering topics such as web development, database, and even graphic design and usability. Membership is free and includes not only access to all articles on the site, but also an option to sign up for newsletters, targeted to a specific language, platform, technology, and even role in an organization. Articles are straightforward and are especially clear from the use of color-coded examples. Source code and runtimes are also available, thereby providing a complete picture to each article. In all, CodeProject.com delivers as a solid resource to help developers solve any coding task.

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