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ActiveState Launches Python Amazon EC2 Cloud Offering

ActiveState has announced it is delivering its ActivePython Community and Business Editions as part of a pre-built Python-centric Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). This enterprise-ready AMI provides a full LAMP stack, including Ubuntu's Linux operating system, Apache Web Server, and MySQL plus Python packages critical to developing and deploying cloud applications quickly and securely. It is aimed directly at providing an easy on-ramp to Amazon EC2 for Python development.

AMI with ActivePython includes:

  • Linux: Basic 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 AMI 1.0
  • MySQL (5.1) alternate database
  • SQLite3 alternate database
  • Apache (2.2.16) default webserver
  • modwsgI_apache (3.3.7)
  • Gunicorn alternate webserver
  • ActivePython 2.6.6 Community Edition, which includes Python packages:
    • Customizable AMI build scripts to quickly deploy multiple AMI instances
    • MySQL_python (1.2.3)
    • Django 1.2.3
    • Memcached (TBD)
    • Nginx (0.8.53),
    • virtualenv (1.5.1) and virtualenvwrapper
    • PyCrypto
    • Fabric (0.9.2)
    • runit 2.0.0
  • ActivePython 2.6.6 Business Edition preview (locked) which includes:
    • License to deploy cloud applications to users external to your company
    • Installation, usage, configuration, and diagnosis support for ActivePython components
    • Python packages for Postgres (psycopg2), Oracle (cx_Oracle), ODBC (pyodbc), Microsoft SQL Server (pymssql)
    • Security cryptography Python package M2Crypto
    • Financial and scientific computing Python packages: Numpy, Scipy, matplotlib
  • ActivePython AMI also includes:
    • Sample Django web application
    • Links to PyPM Index to find required Python packages easily
    • Tutorials and documentation to learn how to develop and deploy quickly

AMI with ActivePython Community Edition is free if using cloud applications for internal company use.

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