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Centrix and ChangeBASE Partner For Platform Transition

Centrix Software and ChangeBASE have brought their application management and compatibility offerings together to announce a new alliance designed to reduce the costs of application transformation and transition projects.

Addressing scenarios including migration to Windows 7, Office 2010, and virtualization projects, the companies hope to deliver a joint solution that manages applications so that they are optimized to run in new OS environments and on the most suitable application delivery platforms.

ChangeBASE AOK has been built to automatically test and remediate native and web-based application compatibility issues, arguably giving organizations greater visibility of their application portfolios. Centrix’s WorkSpace, on the other hand, is intended for application audits to measure and track how applications are used — the product then extends to deliver on-demand applications from multiple platforms.

Lewis Gee, VP worldwide sales and marketing for Centrix Software specified that the companies are trying to provide a single overview of how IT assets are being used, covering both the platform and the application level. “By combining these two solutions together, organizations can generate real empirical data to ensure that strategic IT projects are successful and deliver real return on investment. With our joint solution you only transform the applications that are required and you can optimize the application environment to run to its highest efficiency,” said Gee.

Gee also said that, “Companies looking at application delivery tend to focus on either the development side or the IT infrastructure, when actually they should look at both. Even with the best application development team in the world, if the correct platform to host that application on is not selected, then you won’t achieve the cost savings that you are aiming for. On the flipside, you can optimize IT through using virtualization and cloud technologies, but if your application is not optimized then you will still need either more physical hardware or more resources.”

“This whole issue is tied up in the link between development and operations. Getting this relationship right for application delivery means that the opportunity to reduce costs is greater than the sum of the parts involved. There are projects coming up on both sides of the fence that can be a good reason to look at this in more detail — for example rolling out Windows 7 forces you to look at both your desktops and your applications — but this is about long-term benefit as well,” added Gee.

The combination of both solutions provides:

  • Identification and usage tracking of installed IT and application assets to provide an audit of application and desktop estates.
  • One view over application environments across disparate desktop and server platforms.
  • Automated application compatibility testing and remediation.

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