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Chatty Apps 4GL Online Development Platform

Start-up software development shop Chatty Solutions has unveiled a hosted mobile app development platform compliant with Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Phone. Integrated building blocks inside Chatty Apps include a rules designer/engine to control application logic, an extensible data model, and a formula calculator.

Chatty Apps is a 4GL development platform for both wider application development and "mobile form creation" work. Employing extensive use of drag-and-drop options for linking and configuration, it has an extensible data model that uses XML. The platform's designers have provided an action designer that allows creation of reusable logical components — and a web services action designer to orchestrate web services and employ them inside an application itself.

Essentially, Chatty Apps is middleware. It is designed to sit between business applications and mobile devices to extend the user interface of the applications themselves to mobile devices of all types. Users can drive Chatty Apps to orchestrate web services and tie them together to perform specific business processes for mobile users.

Rashid Khan, CEO of Chatty Solutions explains, "Touching an image on a smartphone can trigger a transaction that flows across different backend enterprise applications to collect pertinent information or update key parameters. Chatty Apps makes smartphones and mobile devices a client platform for enterprise applications that is present wherever the users are."

Other functions include:

  • A flow designer that graphically represents the flow of the app and its logic.
  • A forms editor that allows the creation of rich HTML/HTML5 or native user interfaces whose sequence is controlled by the flow.
  • An integrity checker that ensures that the app is not broken by pinpointing inconsistencies and missing resources.

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