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ComponentOne Releases Studio Enterprise 2008 v3

ComponentOne has released ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2008 v3, which includes Studio for WinForms, Studio for WPF, Studio for ASP.NET, Studio for Silverlight, Studio for iPhone, Studio for Mobile, and Studio for ActiveX. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2008 is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. The release also includes more than 30 Silverlight controls, including those for animation, vector graphics, custom layouts and enhanced performance.

ComponentOne is also introducing a new line of ASP.NET controls in the 2008 v3 release. The 12 new controls share basic features such as custom CSS styling, predefined styles, rich client-side object models, AJAX support, and extensive design-time support. The ASP.NET controls have been completely rewritten on a new, lightweight framework. The new framework produces controls with a footprint 3x smaller for your pages -- that, according to ComponentOne, translates to a performance gain averaging 10x faster than the previous framework.

Announced at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, ComponentOne Studio for iPhone is a suite of components that let you generate Web applications that mimic the iPhone and iTouch interface and navigation.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2008 v3 also includes:

  • Windows Forms Controls. Comprised of a collection of over 60 enterprise-ready .NET components, Studio for WinForms includes grids, charts, reports, schedules, menus, toolbars, Ribbon, data input and validation, export/import and more.
  • WPF Controls. This suite offers everything from advanced data binding to rich data visualizations included in grids, schedules, charts, reports and more to come. It is one of the first component suites in the industry to leverage the full potential of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
  • Mobile Device Components. Provides a unique suite of grid, chart, and zip compression components for building Microsoft .NET Compact Framework-based applications. These tools enable the rapid development of applications on devices such as personal digital assistants, mobile phones and more.
  • Spell Checking. This spell-checking add-in enables you to spell-check code, comments, strings, HTML, XML, resources, and general text in both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2005.

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