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Dr. Dobb's Talks...To a Lot of People About a Lot of Stuff

July 02, 2008

Some people call them "podcasts." Other people call them "audio interview." We call them "keeping Mike Riley out of trouble by having him talk to a lot of people." By whatever name they go by, Mike has been a busy guy and here are some of his recent conversations (in audio format). 

 What Zope Did Wrong (and How It's Being Fixed)

Dr. Dobb's talks with Lennart Regebro about the many things that Zope 2 did right -- and the few things it does wrong. Lennart has been one of the driving forces behind Five, the integration of Zope 3 technologies into Zope 2.

Ubuntu and the Software Around It

Dr. Dobb's interviews Ubuntu's Gerry Carr about the Linux-based Ubuntu operating sytem and the application lifecycle tools -- such as the recently released Launchpad -- that surround it.

Simply Rails 2

Dr. Dobb's talks with Patrick Lenz, author of the book Simply Rails 2 about the improvements in the latest release of the Ruby on Rails framework and the challenge of finding a European-based Rails hosting service.

WSO2's Open Source Enterprise Service Bus

Dr. Dobb's interviews Paul Fremantle, CTO of WSO2 about the company's open source ESB announcement.

The Eclipse Ganymede Release

Dr. Dobb's talks to Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, about the Eclipse Ganymede release, a coordinated release of 23 different Eclipse project teams and represents over 18 million lines of code.

DevSuite 7 Discussion

Dr. Dobb's talks to TechExcel's Joel Ferman and Paul Unterberg about their company's recently released DevSuite 7 Application Lifecycle Management suite.

The Rubinius Project

Dr. Dobb's talks with Rubinius Founder and Project Lead Evan Phoenix about the major Rubinius announcement made at this year's RailsConf 2008 event.


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