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Exalead and Capgemini Team Up on Search Apps

Exalead's search-based business application technology has moved one step closer to consulting giant Capgemini with a new expansion of the company's partnership on a global level. The alliance means that Capgemini has expanded its offering of Exalead application-level technology, which is designed to aggregate and interpret data from high volume disparate sources.

This new global partnership is intended to offer users with a program to interpret structured sources (such as corporate databases) and unstructured sources, such as Office-style documents and emails.

Capgemini claims that these developments will be beneficial not only to business back-office functions, including supply chain management and compliance, but also to front-line customer relationship management functions. For example, it is expected that data could be accessed with the ability to index 100-million documents and process up to 20 queries a second through a single dual-processor service. Time to market for new applications could, potentially, also be reduced from months or years to days and weeks.

“Capgemini was among the first integrators to recognize the powerful collaborative potential of search-based apps in information management,” said Alain Cotte, CEO of Exalead. “They’ve proven themselves adept at addressing every aspect of implementing search based apps and with their deep business and technological expertise, they always bring a fresh perspective to the table.”

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