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Facebook Announces New Developer Analytics

Facebook has announced new tools within App Insights intended to give developers a view of how groups of people are using their application, and how their app is engaging and retaining those people over time.

App Insight's technology is a set of application analytics with dashboards and corresponding developer tools. Pages show a graph of active users (daily, weekly, monthly), a breakdown of daily active user activity, daily new app installs/uninstalls, user demographics, user block activity, and user permission click-through rates — and all user data is anonymized and non-personally identifiable.

The new additions to these services are hoped to make it easier for developers to make data-driven business decisions to improve the performance of their applications.

The two new tools are:

Label cohorts: This feature allows developers to create groups of people within their app and measure "important factors", like revenue or time spent in the app, for these groups against their app as a whole.

For example, you can create label cohorts to automatically follow a group of people who installed your app from a specific ad set, so you can understand how much time that group spent in your app and how much money they spent through in-app purchases.

Retention charts: This feature lets developers analyze retention of people in their app over time, making it easy to determine whether certain changes to an app resulted in a significant change in engagement or retention.

The retention chart is available for all the events logged. If you are also logging purchases, you can see what percent of people are making purchases on the day they installed the app, and what percent of people are making purchases on any number of days (up until 14 weeks) after installing the app.

Facebook says that the addition of these two new tools are part of its broader efforts to provide developers with more actionable data about how people are using its apps.

"You can get these new insights for both apps on Facebook and native mobile apps. We highly recommend that in order to fully take advantage of these new features that you instrument App Events for all of your downstream conversion events," said Facebook's Ravi Grover. "App Events is now available for apps on Facebook. This means that you can now measure the activity within your apps on Facebook, run desktop app ads for your highest purchasers, and measure the features mentioned above."

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