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French Mobile App Tester Champions 'le Lifecycle'

French software testing specialist Sogeti has launched TMap Life Cycle, a free app for iOS and Android designed to provide structured risk-based software testing. Devoted to the importance of "lifecycle" as a defining process, TMap provides its framework functionality with "just a few clicks" on the smartphone or tablet application being examined/analyzed.

TMap's Paris-based development team says that its software aims to guide software testers through the software testing lifecycle from the planning stage, through infrastructure considerations, and onward to subsequent control phases and all other critical paths. As well as the more predictable claims of "earlier identification of defects", TMap sticks its neck out and promises consistent reduction of timelines by at least 30 percent.

Compatible with Android mobile devices as well as Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads, TMap Life Cycle support includes free checklist and template downloads. There are also videos explaining test design techniques, product risk analysis, and methods to determine test strategy, as well as links to software testing resources such as eBooks and white papers.

"TMap is a sophisticated, proven, and trusted software test management methodology, relied upon by tens of thousands of software testers across the globe for structured risk-based testing. At Sogeti we want to make structured software testing and quality assurance methods easily available to professional testers, so it was a logical extension for us to build and share this free app," said Nijs Blokland, VP of global service line testing for Sogeti.

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