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Handwriting Recognition Developer Program

MyScript isn't a shy company. Hailing from Nantes (pronounced "Nont") in France, the company confidently tells us that it is nothing less than the "acknowledged market leader" in accurate handwriting recognition and digital ink management technology. Okay enough already, we weren't saying you were number #2 even.

The firm has proffered new gastronomically technological delights in the shape of its MyScript Developer Program, for programmers to evaluate the option to integrate handwriting technology into their applications.

The MyScript technology includes recognition capabilities for text, mathematical expressions, shapes, and music notation.

This self-service web portal offers developer toolkits, a forum for peer support and knowledge sharing, and additional resources such as documentation, videos, and webinars.

"Developer tools available for download on the site include MyScript Application Toolkits (ATKs) and MyScript Cloud Development Kits (CDKs). MyScript ATKs includes a variety of widgets and application components to help developers integrate handwriting recognition technology into their solutions," said Dr. Pierre Laporte, exec VP at MyScript.

"MyScript CDKs provide an HTTP-based set of services that enables the integration of handwriting recognition functionalities into any application via an Internet connection. This allows developers to include advanced handwriting recognition functionality in their solutions without extensive coding or processing," he added.

Developer tools on the site include a free, 90-day developer license (no commercial use).

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