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Infragistics Version 4 Indigo Studio

Infragistics has released Version 4 of its Indigo Studio user interface development tool. The product allows users to create functional animated UI prototypes.

Users can design storyboards in "real-world context" and then build application design interactions that integrate with those storyboards and annotate the corresponding designs.

The company says that the launch of Version 4 shows Indigo Studio laying the foundation for responsive web pages. This is achieved with support from Bootstrap so that HTML markup is consistent and extensible. Adopting the bootstrap approach for responsive-grid layout, design-developers are now free to target devices more broadly as opposed to getting lost in the complexities and anomalies of device resolution versus viewport widths.

Primary new features in this release include added "responsive views" to target webpage layout for phone/tablet/desktop and large desktop; support for bootstrap rows and cells (columns) to design responsive layouts and extensible HTML markup; 12-column layout grid powering the design canvas for precise responsive layouts; fluid UI elements that automatically adjust and resize in web prototypes; options to add and visualize margins for spacing UI elements in a web-friendly way; and the ability to switch between responsive views when viewing the prototype in the browser.

Indigo Studio has also been engineered to allow MOBILE-FIRST, such that the other views inherit from the mobile view (XS —> SM —> MD —> LG).

"One small tweak we made is to call Bootstrap columns, 'cells'. And that's because depending on the space available and the width of the 'cell', they stack. And continuing to call them columns made less sense since they stack. For example, a row with two columns side-by-side on the tablets may stack vertically on phone. So, calling them cells just seemed to make more sense in such contexts," said the firm, in a release update blog.

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