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Kaazing Goes Bazinga Over "Living Web" Apps

HTML5 WebSocket company Kaazing has this week announced that its enterprise-class platform is now available as a service on the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). Kaazing employs the term "living web application" to describe how its use of the new WebSocket standard can offer real-time benefits for gaming, retail, financial, mobile, and many other markets.

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NOTE: Eventually to be ratified by the W3C, the WebSocket standard can be implemented in both browser and overseeing web servers in applications that could benefit from more interaction between a browser and the website being visited — facilitating live content for (for example) the construction of real-time games.

"Our solution has been adopted by a variety of large enterprises to develop and deploy living web applications and realize all the benefits that come with the platform," said Jonas Jacobi, cofounder and CEO of Kaazing. "As the demand for our solution has grown, bringing it to the cloud makes it accessible for all organizations, large or small, on a flexible, as-needed basis."

Jacobi explained that the Kaazing Platform enables real-time web communications over an open full-duplex pipe. This, he says, is a "dramatic change" compared to the legacy architecture that has been the foundation of all web communications since the early 1990s.

WebSockets upgrade the web architecture to one that works like a telephone with direct connections, rather than a telegraph system that requires a "request and response" on each end. The company says that because Kaazing's founding team contributed the HTML5 WebSocket protocol design, the platform leverages that expertise and goes beyond the standard's basic capabilities.

"The core benefits of using the Kaazing platform, in the cloud or otherwise, are secure and scalable, real-time web communications without the dollar- and bandwidth-cost of the infrastructure that has previously been needed to even approach live and interactive web solutions," said the company.

Kaazing in the cloud promises to deliver high performance messaging from the backend over the Web to any desktop and mobile device, regardless of the browser being used.

Figure 1: HTTP's half-duplex nature prevents clients from talking directly to the back-end services they want to reach. Application servers are actively involved in the translation, interpretation, and reformatting of every message flowing between the browser and the back-end.

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