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New Eclipse Dawns On Machine-2-Machine

The Eclipse Foundation's M2M Working Group has added new Machine-2-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) development projects to its current cadre of interests.

M2M connection between machines and devices (via a network) is one of the fastest growing technology segments — by some estimates approaching $100 billion in total market value.

This new technology segment presents a number of software development challenges due to the complexity of the hardware and network architectures, lack of open standards, and issues of interoperability between vertical solutions.

The Eclipse M2M Working Group is a collaboration of companies working to address this lack open protocols, frameworks, and tools for M2M software development.

Eclipse M2M has three existing open source projects — Koneki, Mihini, and Paho — that provide open source technology for M2M developers. Four new open source projects are being proposed to join the Eclipse M2M community:

  1. Ponte: A framework that will allow reading and writing of data from sensors and actuators via M2M protocols, accessible via a REST API. Ponte will also provide the ability to convert and exchange data between protocols.

  2. Eclipse SCADA: An open source implementation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system typically used to monitor and control large scale industrial processes; e.g., solar farms
  3. Concierge: An implementation of the OSGi core specifications that is well suited for embedded and mobile devices. Concierge will target a footprint with a jar file size of less than 400KB, allowing it to run on devices that have limited resources.
  4. Kura: A Java and OSGi-based application framework for M2M service gateways. Kura will provide a set of common services for Java developers building M2M applications, including I/O access, data services, network configuration, and remote management.

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