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New Open API Portal For Smart Appliance/Smart Meter Developers

Energy industry software company Tendril is aiming to garner interest from developers working to build applications for smart energy meter systems and the growing number of smart appliances for the home.

A new developer portal has been launched to provide tools suited to smart devices using open and proprietary communication protocols with support for Android, iOS, and utility back-office environments.

The Tendril Connect platform provides open APIs, a sandbox, and a set of sample accounts for programmers prepared to give credence to the company's concept of a single platform for utility industry players to use to talk to a growing list of third-party applications and devices in this sector. The website sets out to enable developers to build connections between a web app and a smart device.

For example, through the platform's API, a developer can both read from and change settings for smart thermostats, smart plugs, smart appliances, and new smart devices. In coming months, Tendril also plans to provide developers with a smart device application developer kit.

The Tendril Connect Application Developer website also includes a "My Apps" area, which keeps track of application names and keys, and allows the app owner to give multiple developers access to an app's key and/or change the owner of an app.

There is also a developer community forum and articles for learning more about the energy industry, electricity principals, electricity pricing, metering and authentication.

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