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Perforce Integrates With Puppet Labs

Perforce has integrated its version management product with IT automation technology from Puppet Labs. The company says it is the only commercial version management solution that integrates with the puppetlabs-vcsrepo module.

The combination of these technologies results in "out-of-the-box" support for users practicing DevOps, Continuous Integration (CI), and Continuous Delivery (CD) — i.e., the gamut of software development methodologies that use automated build and test methods to keep software in a permanently releasable state.

According to Perforce, its ability to version and manage all file types and sizes including code, binaries, artwork, multimedia, and DevOps configurations makes it a single source of truth for assets managed by Puppet Enterprise.

Puppet Enterprise sets out to improve DevOps and CD processes by automating the deployment of both infrastructure and applications. This (theoretically) eliminates the risk of configuration errors and makes it easier to fix faults in small batches of code. The integration of Puppet Enterprise with P4D, the Perforce versioning engine creates "a single source of truth" (there's that term again) for deployment automation with Perforce serving as the repository for all source code, configurations, binaries, and other deployment artifacts.

Perforce says it accommodates the high transaction volumes that come from automating deployment processes. By eliminating the need for disparate repositories and providing immutable audit logs and change history, Perforce also specifies that it is capable of simplifying the task of proving regulatory and security policy compliance.

Developers can look at Perforce audit logs to see exactly what was deployed, by which process, and when. They can also compare deployed binaries with the copies stored in Perforce to ensure no file has been tampered with.

"Perforce's ability to handle all enterprise assets beyond code and other IT components is crucial in practicing Continuous Delivery, where every part of a project — artwork, documents, multimedia — needs to be in one place," said Nigel Kersten, CIO at Puppet Labs.

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