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Ruby Conference Set for San Jose

SDForum will host the Third Annual Silicon Valley Ruby Conference, a two-day event to be held April 18-19 at The Tech Museum in San Jose, California.

Keynote addresses will be delivered by Tim Bray, director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems, and John Lam, creator of the original RubyCLR, leading visionary for IronRuby and open-source ambassador at Microsoft.

"I'm pleased to be invited to participate in SDForum's Ruby Conference," said Lam. "I look forward to meeting folks from the Ruby community in Silicon Valley, and helping them understand why we're building IronRuby and what they can expect from Microsoft in the future."

Attendees at the event will have the opportunity to interact and discuss new developments within the Ruby community, share success stories, and learn more about how the programming language is rapidly optimizing web application development and innovation.

"Ruby is a major driving force in the advancement of next-generation web innovation," said Bess Ho, founder and chairman of Silicon Valley Web Builder, as well as the SDForum Ruby SIG chair and Ruby Conference program chair.

SDForum is a high-tech nonprofit dedicated to educating and creating relationships within the technology community.For more information, visit the SDForum website.

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