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Snakes Alive! Free PyCharm Code Education

JetBrains has come forward with its PyCharm Educational Edition. PyCharm 3.4 is an intelligent Python IDE with code assistance and analysis for productive Python development on all levels.

The company recently introduced a "student licenses program" to provide free licenses to students and teachers worldwide. The firm now says it is going one step further by releasing PyCharm Education Edition.

This is a set of interactive course elements with automatically verified "fill in the missing code" exercises. A basic "Introduction to Python" course is included, and additional courses can be downloaded from the Web.

According to the JetBrains pycharm-educational website, "Many code editors, IDEs, and other tools are too complex if you're just learning how to program. They often make you invest a serious amount of effort and time into understanding how the tool works. PyCharm Educational Edition is easy to get started with, not intimidating, yet powerful enough to guide you all the way through to becoming a professional developer."

When working on the exercises, the students have access to a full set of tools to help write the code, including code completion, an interactive Python console and a debugger, plus on-the fly checks for code correctness and good programming style. When they need to go beyond the exercises, the ability to create regular Python projects is also available.

"For teachers, PyCharm Education Edition provides an opportunity to create custom tailored courses and to share those courses on the Web. Both the teachers and the students can enjoy a simplified and streamlined user interface and the power of JetBrains' time-tested code understanding engine," said the company.

PyCharm Education Edition is completely free and available as open-source software.

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